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Technische Produkte

    Cyanoacrylate glue colgel activator

    • Quick bonding of rubber, plastics, glass and metal.

    • For immediate curing of COLGEL cyanoacrylate glue.


    ■ Case x 12

    ■ Activator 15 ml (spray)

    ■ Case x 12




    Rapid action synthetic metal in a stick or in a syringe

    ROXYMETAL is a synthetic metal in a syringe or in a stick particularly rapid and easy to use. As simple as a mastic, as adhesive as a glue, it hardens under water and adheres to damp surfaces. Repairs are quick (rapid hardening) and long lasting. It can be drilled, sanded,

    tapped, machined and painted. Used in overhauling, maintenance, mechanical repairs, plumbing, cars.



    ■ 80 syringes per case

    ■ 80 sticks per case

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  • FIX Double sided clear adhesive

    High resistance acrylic

    FIX is a purposed designed permanent adhesive for both interior and exterior use. It can replace liquid glues, soldering, fairing and other ways of permanently fixing. Suitable for a variety of materials including metal, wood, glass and most synthetic materials.

    • Acrylic foam

    • Thickness 0.5 mm

    • Pressure sensitive

    • Strong adhesion

    • Excellent tear resistance

    • Density 850 kg/m³


    Automobile Industry

    • Fixing car trim

    • Fixing monograms, insignia and rear view mirrors

    • Lead wheel bearings


    General Industrial Use

    • Warning lights and signs

    • Both interior and exterior use

    • Glass and wood assemblages i.e.

      conservatory and mirrored glass doors



    ■ Ribbon 19 mm / 10 meters

    ■ Case x 10


    A quick drying high resistance

    universal dual -component adhesive

    • Universal: Adheres to most materials: metals, glass, plastics, plexiglass, PVC, concrete, natural stone, wood, rubber.

    • Fast: Sets in under 2 minutes and initial hardening around 7 minutes.

    • High tensile strength: 3500 N per cm².

    • Colour almost translucent after mixing and hardening.

    • High temperature resistance: 180°c - 200°c.

    • Shock and vibration resistant..



    ■ 310ml-cartridges


    ■ 12 per case

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    Dual - component polyurethane glue

    Dual-component polyurethane glue, solvent free, designed to glue a variety of materials such as metals, cataphoretic products, laminates, insulating panels, rock wool, ABS, plywood. The particularity of this glue is its aptitude for gluing many painted, varnished or lacquered surfaces, as well as S.M.C. or polyester. Designed for sandwich panels or other elements or combinations of materials requiring particularly strong adhesion.



    ■ 50ml-syringe

    ■ 12 per case

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    Mastic ms polymer

    A new generation single component fast acting mastic of high mechanical performance, especially designed for non-rigid gluing and for the sealing of diverse materials such as polyester laminates, metallic products (aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, lacquered, varnished), wood and its by-products, glass as well as many types of duroplastics and thermoplastics. This mastic is designed for use in industrial body work and refrigeration, sandwich panels, air conditioning, shipyards and in numerous sectors of industry. Free from solvants, silicone, isocyanates and halogenous substances, it can be used in contact with food stuffs.




    ■ 310ml-cartridges

       (see available colours above)

    ■ 12 per case

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    Dual - component mastic - glue

    Maximum adherence on most unprimed surfaces : iron and many steels, aluminium, lead, zinc, copper, brass, concrete and brickwork, natural stone, plaster, polycarbonate, polyester, plexiglass, polystyrene, polyurethane, PVC and other synthetic materials, paving and ceramics, glass and its by-products, paint, wood.

    • Adheres to damp surfaces,

    • Weather and age resistant,

    • Bacteria and moss resistant,

    •  Does not mark porous surfaces (natural stone),

    •  Compatible with paints (liquid and powder),

    • Very strong mechanical resistance,

    •  Does not contain silicones, solvants, isocyanates, nor phthalates,

    • No shrinkage, odourless,

    • Complete polymerization of the mixed components in 4 hours.



    ■ Cartouches 310 ml

    ■ 12 per case


    Emergency repair system for all pipe works, conduites and piping joints

    Polyurethane and fibre reinforced tape designed to rapidly repair leaks and cracks in the majority of pipes, conduits and joints within the naval, chemical, petroleum, manufacturing and production industries, due to its high mechanical and technical specifications.


    • USE TO REPAIR ALL HOLES AND CRACKS IN ALL TYPES OF PIPING: (steel, aluminium,PVC, zinc, copper, galvanized metal, cast iron, ceramic).

    •  INDUSTRIAL USE: as an anti-rust treatment in the petrochemical industry, to repair drilling well pipes and ducts, water and steam channels and oil, petrol and chemical piping systems.

    •  AGRICULTURAL USE: to repair irrigation channels (withstands water hammer), spray watering system leaks.

    •  MARINE INDUSTRY: to repair leaks within the water system, pumps: essential for repairs at sea. Mends holes in ship hulls.

    •  PLUMBING USE: for PVC and copper pipes.

    •  WATER BOARD: for repairs to pipes and conduits in all materials.



    ■  10 bags per box

    ■  10 boxes per case


    Sealing mastic – building use

    A single component mastic in cartridge form with a dissolved bitumen base reinforced with fibres. Excellent adherence for all bitumen, concrete, plaster, brickwork, synthetic materials, steel and wood surfaces. SEAL ETANCHIC can be used on most surfaces even when wet. For interior and exterior use.


    SEAL ETANCHIC can be used for the majority of roof repairs: flat and sloping roofs, guttering, edging stones, lead flashing, corrugated panels, chimneys, drainpipes, tiles, also on damp surfaces.

    SEAL ETANCHIC finishes and seals roof joints, roof coving, downpipes and chimneys.

    SEAL ETANCHIC can be used as a cold glue when using bitumen materials for

    roof repairs.

    SEAL ETANCHIC seals concrete, brickwork, foundations and terraces. SEAL ETANCHIC protects against underground pipe and drain corrosion.



    ■ 310ml-cartridges

         ( colour/black)

    ■ 12 per case



    Transparent heat resistant gel

    Protects all materials against flame and heat damage when welding and soldering. NON TOXIC, SAFE


    Protects all materials against heat and fire damage when welding or soldering by forming a heat resistant barrier.


    Leaves no trace, simply wash off with water, for use with all metals, plastics, rubber, glass, cloths, carpets, PVC and even polystyrene.


    Does not contain dangerous materials or harmful fumes.


    Simply spray the gel onto the surfaces to be protected.


    Can also be applied to ceilings and vertical surfaces




    ■ 500ml-Spray

    ■ Case 12 x 500ml (sprays)

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-120L-220L


    (with opened neck for the fill-up of

    industrial sprays for big volumes)


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    Ruban auto vulcanisant

    VULCAROX est un ruban de couleur noire, modelable et auto amalgamant, dérivé du polyisobutyléne.

    VULCAROX sert à raccorder (épisser) une grande gamme de câbles électriques et câbles de distribution jusqu’à 46 KV. VULCAROX peut aussi être utilisé pour la protection contre la corrosion des canalisations métalliques. Les propriétes électriques restent très stables, quand les conditions d’utilisations sont respectées. Le ruban a aussi une très grande résistance à l’immersion prolongée dans l’eau, sa résistance à l’ozone est excellente. Il est compatible avec la plupart des composés chauds que l’on verse dans les boites de connexions.

    • Isolation et protection des connexions et cables électriques.

    • Mise en faisceau de cables.

    • Protection contre la corrosion des canalisations métalliques.

    • Réparation provisoire des tuyaux d’arrosage.

    • Isolation des connexions électriques.

    • Augmente toute résistance à l’eau sur les applications électriques.



    ■ Ribbon 38 mm

    ■ Case x 10



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    ROXYNOX ist eine Renovierungspaste, die Oberflächen wie Aluminium (roh, lackiert, anodisiert), Kupfer, Messing, Stahl und Silberzeug erneuten Glanz und Leuchtkraft verleiht. Ein hydrophober Antihaftfilm verlangsamt die Verschmutzung der Oberflächen und unterstützt den folgenden Reinigungsvorgang.

    ROXYNOX enthält einen speziellen Zusatzstoff, der Mikrokratzer von gewissen Kunstoffen (Renovierung von Polycarbonat-Autoscheinwerfern) entfernt und damit deren Leuchtkraft und Glanz wiederherstellt.

    ROXYNOX ist über 90% biologisch abbaubar, was mit der geltenden Gesetzgebung übereinstimmt.


    ROXYNOX dient der Renovierung von Aluminiumfassaden und Rahmen, Fensterrahmen, Aufzugsschächten, Treppengeländern, Maschinen und Möbeln aus rostfreiem Stahl in der Lebensmittelindustrie, Küchen, Restaurants… Entfernt Mikrokratzer von gewissen Kunstoffen.


    ROXYNOX wird durch sanftes Reiben mit einem Schwamm oder Lappen aufgetragen, um Verschmutzungen zu entfernen. Einige Minuten einwirken lassen, danach mit einem feuchten Lappen nachspülen und wischen.

    Zuletzt mit einem sauberen, weichen Tuch sorgfältig trocknen wischen. Dieses für den Lebensmittelkontakt geeignete Produkt kann gefahrlos für jede Oberfläche angewendet werden, die mit Lebensmitteln in Berührung kommt.



    ■ Behälter 500 ml







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    Insert - chimney - barbecue

    The LIGHTING GEL is a multi-usage fuel for slow-burning inserts, fireplaces and barbecues.

    Low-odor formula. The LIGHTING GEL is used as a lighting ignition accelerator.



    ■ Case 12x1 liter

    ■ Case 4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L

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  • Chimney-cleaning powder

    Damp and resinous wood generates soot and tar resulting from heavy smoke linked to incomplete combustion of the fuel. Paraffin-based logs generate very high quantities of soot.


    By eliminating the soot, chemical chimney-cleaning leads to fuel savings: 2mm removed leads to 10 to 15% in fuel savings. This chimney-cleaning powder is oxidizing: it generates good

    combustion of soot and tar at low temperatures.



    ■ 1KG air-tight re-sealable box with

         dosing spoon

    ■ Cardboard container with 12 boxes

         Store in a dry area.

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    Rust convertor

    CONVERTAL both treats and protects against oxidising ferrous metal corrosionwithout prior stripping. CONVERTAL, with its bright decorative appearancecan serve as a permanent interior finish, or a primer for lacquer for a perfect exterior finish. CONVERTAL may be applied to all ferrous metals, oxidized and non-oxidized, when degreased, cleaned of apparent rust and rinsed with clean water. For optimum effectivenessapply to the surface to be treated while still wet.


    The grey-cream liquid becomes translucent upon application and dries to a high gloss black onferrous metals (almost colorless and transparent on glass).




    ■ Case 12 x 1L

    ■ Case  4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L


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