Ground hydrocarbon degrader

    • Biosol is a water soluble biological product that removes contamination from Soil, Tarmac and Railway Ballast and is suitable for emergencies and historical spillage.

    • Biosol contains group 1 non-pathogenic micro-organisms NORM 2000/54/EC and a high proportion of nutrients that quickly breakdown the contaminants. The bacteria are facultative and will adapt to most environments. Best results are obtained under aerobic conditions



    ■ Bucket 10kg

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    Biological activator for grass

    • Actigreen is designed to decompose the filter bed, fertilise and improve the state of the green.

    • Actigreen contains a formulation with micro-organisms, and high- trace elements minerals.

    • Actigreen is designed to eradicate fungic diseases by depriving noxious mushrooms of their nutrients.

    The product is also efficient against diseases such as fusariose or anthracnose.

    The limited use of fungicides enables the natural micro-organisms to properly fix natrium and to assimilate nutrients.


    • Decomposes the main filter beds.

    • Increases the oxygenation by releasing nutrients towards the roots.

    • Enables the drainage on the surface.

    • Reduces the use of fertilizer.

    • Reduces the appearance of moss

    • Accelerates grass growth

    • Avoids the appearance of yellow stains.




    ■ 25kg-bag

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    Biological activator for composting yard waste

    Acticompost P is a biological activator which speeds up the process of decomposition of the yard waste by cutting in half the necessary time to get a ready-for-use compost.

    • Transforms yard waste into compost.

    • Reduces the necessary time to decompose down to finished compost.



    ■ 25kg-bag


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    Biodegradable vegetable insecticide and larvicide

    Remanent and repellent insecticide. 100% pure, natural and hydro-solubilized essential oil aqueous and limpid concentrated solution. Made exclusively from plants. In the nature, essential oils make a real natural protection against parasites. Selected for their intrinsic and naturally insecticide qualities, they are produced by certain plants for protection against plant-eating insects. It is recommended to use this product against most insects, but it is particularly useful to fight against infestations of “domestic” pests like bedbugs, cockroaches, moths, acarids, flees and lice. It is also very efficient against flies, mosquitoes, midges, wasps, red spiders, whiteflies, pseudococcidae and geometer moths, the mosquitoes responsible for dengue, chikungunya and other arboviruses, the red weevil responsible for destroying palm trees.

    In farms to fight against white lice, red lice, tenebrio. Air and surface purifying effect thanks to its natural anti-parasite qualities. The “geraniol” presence in the formulation destroys the larvae by attacking the chitin, which larvae use as an exoskeleton. Destruction is immediate.



    ■ Case 12 x 500ml

       (refillable aerosprays with multipositions sprayhead)

    ■ Case 4 x 5L (with faucet)

    ■ Case 4 x 5L (for ECOFOGGER)

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L


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