Absorbents, Snow and Ice remover

    High-performance gelling and solidifying agent with deodorizing properties

    ASEPTIBIO is an extremely powerful gelling agent for liquids. According to the kind of the fluid, ASEPTIBIO will absorb between 100 to 120 times its own weight. Thus, its absorbing properties are 2 to 5 times higher compared to the products currently available on the market. ASEPTIBIO allows accidentally spilled water-based fluids (drinks, food) or human and animal excretions (urine, vomiting) to be contained and easily removed. Due to its pleasant eucalyptus scent, ASEPTIBIO will leave a fresh odour. As it contains active disinfectant substances, ASEPTIBIO also has a purifying effect on the treated surfaces.


    ■  Case 15 PET containers

        (with lid and green shaker)



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    Removes snow and sheet ice - dust-free in riding

    stables paddocks - beaten earth tennis courts

    DISPERGLACE comes in the form of chips. It causes an exergonic reaction in humid conditions. This powerful heating melts snow and ice, and the water does not re-freeze because the product remains active down to -51°C. DISPERGLACE forms “brine” as it dissolves that adheres to treated surfaces by ensuring residual action for 1 to 4 days. DISPERGLACE is used in all public areas covered with snow or sheet ice: pavements, squares, access ramps, steps, etc.

    • Melts ice quickly

    • Stops the ground from freezing again down to -51°C

    • Reduces dust over several weeks

    • No permanent watering



    ■  25kg-Bag

    ■  30kg-Bucket

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    Ecological cotton based absorbent

    ROXYSORB is a drying absorbent, made from recycled natural biomass (Cotton flowers).

    ROXYSORB completely encapsulates and immobilizes any spill so that the surface is left clean and dry.

    ROXYSORB is designed for use on all hard surfaces to absorb petrol, oil and diesel spills.

    It can also be used on animal, vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils, and oil-based paints.

    ROXYSORB reduces waste and reprocessing costs thanks to its great absorption capacity and its low density.

    It eliminates any fatty films in order to avoid slippery floors.

    ROXYSORB can also be used to absorb water-based liquids or bodily body fluids (blood, urine and vomit), food products, paints, and water-soluble chemicals.



    ■  Bag 30 litres

    ■  Pallet 48 bags

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