Additives, Lubricants

    Diesel and domestic fuel cleaner - solubilising agent - decontaminant

    CLEANER + cleans and disinfects fuel tanks soiled by sludge and bacteria. It gives fuel excellent combustion capacities and eliminates clogging on filters and the complete carburettor system.

    Using CLEANER + is essential for the boiler in your domestic fuel installation to be able to perform optimally.

    Contaminated fuel gives rise to large numbers of breakdowns and enormous maintenance costs.



    ■  Case 6 x 1L

        (Measuring can)

    ■  Case 4 x 5L

    ■  Drums 30L-60L-120L

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  • ENGINE 5441

    Additive for Diesel, Red Diesel (RD) and Domestic Fuel

    To treat the clogging of injectors as a result of FAME presence, which would lead to loss of compression and much higher fuel consumption:

    Pour directly into the fuel tank: 500 ml for every 200L of Red Diesel

    From Q4 2011, farmers and machinery users; (See annex of French official journal order of 10th December 2010) will be required to use a new fuel called “traction fuel”, which has characteristics that differ from domestic fuel. This new diesel is supplemented by 7 to 8% colza methyl ester. This new diesel presents two inconveniences: its resistance to cold does not go beyond -5°C. It also deteriorates more quickly, resulting in a shorter storage time.



    ■  Case 12 x 1 L

    ■  Case of 4 x 4 L

    ■  Drums 30-60-210 L

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