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    Fertilizer - stimulant for plants  natural defences plants activator

    AGRIBIO improves plants’ reproductive capacities (its phosphorus-based formulation is a source of fertility). AGRIBIO increases plant cells’ resistance, speeds up flowering and accelerates growth, whilst regulating the plant’s absorption of nutritive elements at the same time. AGRIBIO increases grain’s protein ratio and its specific weight. AGRIBIO facilitates absorption of trace elements.

    AGRIBIO combats climatic and water stress on plants, such as cereal scorching. The AGRIBIO formulation improves spray quality. In 90° of all cases, AGRIBIO transmits treatments given by farmers (weed-killers, fertilizer, pesticides, fungicide, insecticides) to the centre of the plants to be treated with maximum efficiency, which, in some cases, succeeds in considerably reducing the amount of fertilizer, weed-killer, pesticide, fungicide and other products needing to be applied to the

    centre of the plants in question. When used for the first time, we advise that concentrations be applied regularly and then be reduced progressively. Use of AGRIBIO is in keeping with a quality, environment-friendly approach. The plant defence stimulants that contribute to forming the AGRIBIO product are substances capable of activating production of defence compounds against pathogenic fungus and vermin. Phosphorous acid, which acts systematically, stimulates production of phytoalexins and may inhibit some of the mycelium’s metabolic routes as well as spore-formation of fungal strains.



    ■ Drum 5-10L

    ■ Drum 30-60L

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    Photo-stimulant fertilizer for flowering plants

    AGRIBIO FLOWERS increases the amount of flowers and the intensity of colour in petals.

    AGRIBIO FLOWERS improves and regulates absorption of nutritive elements through the leaves.

    AGRIBIO FLOWERS increases root development in all types of soil and accelerates flowering.

    AGRIBIO FLOWERS improves pollination, accelerates flower growth and fortifies plant cells.

    AGRIBIO FLOWERS fights against hydric stress.



    ■  Drum 5-10L

    ■  Drum 30-60L

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