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  • ROXY 52 PAE

    Detergent for mechanical parts for use with conventional professional degreasing parts washers

    ROXY 52 PAE is a biological cleaner without any chlorine based solvent.

    ROXY 52 PAE is non-flammable and does release any volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.).

    ROXY 52 PAE is practically neutral and does not affect material (metal, aluminium, copper and alloys).

    ROXY 52 PAE is miscible with water.

    ROXY 52 PAE penetrates into dirt, petrol derivatives and grease residues on mechanical parts and motors.



    ■ Case 4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L



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    Biological hydrocarbon stain remover

    ROXYBIO is a biological solution consisting of microorganisms, surfactants and bio-stimulants

    acting effectively on the degradation of hydrocarbons.

    By virtue of its excellent stain-removing qualities and its strong emulsifying power, ROXYBIO enables a new parts washer concept to be put in place for stain removing without solvents.

    ROXYBIO has no phosphate, nitrate, sulphate, soda, turpentine, chloride solvents or aliphatic.

    ROXYBIO is active on oils, benzene, toluene, zylene, ethylbenzine, chloride solvents.

     ROXYBIO is non-inflammable and protects users from the dangers associated with the use of classic stain-removing solvents. Through its biological action, it plays its part in protecting the environment. In this way, ROXYBIO integrates perfectly into the ISO 14001 certification procedures. The micro-organisms selected for ROXYBIO belong to class 1 under the Norm 2000/54/CE.



    ■ Case 4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L

    Downloading data sheet


    Downloading data sheet


    Penetrating oil - lubricant - degreaser - deoxidizer - tar remover - ink stripper - fresh paint stripper - glue stripper - resin stripper - stickers stripper - putty stripper - marker remover


    • BIOSOLV was specifically developed to replace hydrocarbon solvents and other petroleum-based solvents. BIOSOLV® is a plant-based formula created in keeping with an eco-responsible ethic.

    • BIOSOLV has 12 functions with an optimal result for everyone.

    • BIOSOLV is a green solvent based on plant chemistry which makes its formula ecological and easily biodegradable

    • BIOSOLV  is non-flammable

    • BIOSOLV is compatible with all materials

    • BIOSOLV  completely protects the user and is non-irritating.

    • BIOSOLV is emulsifying and can be used diluted.

    • BIOSOLV is used as a degreasing fountain (mobile or detergent parts washer) at a rate of 50%

    (eg: 50L of Biosolv 50L of hard water)




    ■ 72 wipes per package

    ■ Case 12 x 500ml

    ■ Case 12 x 500ml

      (refillable aerosprays)

    ■ Case 12 x 400ml


    ■ Case 4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L





    Degreaser, tar-remover and cleaner


    VEGECLEAR is a vegetal-based cleaner/degreaser, which is used pure or in parts washers in the place of solvents.

    VEGECLEAR is also an excellent tar-remover (bituminous mixes and asphalts).

    It is ideal for cleaning public-works machines, equipment in asphalt plants and machine and truck chassis.


    VEGECLEAR is an efficient degreaser for mechanical parts, engines, heavy goods vehicles, vehicle and machine chassis and public works & farming machinery. It dissolves dirty oils, resins and paraffin waxes.




    ■ Case 4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L

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