Sewage tanks treatments

    Powerful biological activator the first

    action of which is the degradation of

    grease Sewage tank treatment .

    Biological activator in the liquid form, BIOCLEAN FR has been developed for the activation of the natural working of sewage treatment tanks.

    The product reacts through a group of enzymes which degrades the organic material commonly encountered in these areas. The product is strongly reinforced with lipase, thus making grease

    degradation more effective.



    Liquid (BIOCLEAN FR):

    ■ Case of 4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30-60-210L


    Solide (BIOBLOCK)

    ■ Case of 4






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    A powerful biological activator that promotes the breakdown of fats - Treatment for sewage tanks and complementary treatment for biological parts washers.

    BIOBLOCK biological activator comes in the form of a gelled block containing active enzymes and micro-organisms that degrade organic matter. This formulation is greatly improved by lipases, which effectively break down fats. BIOBLOCK eliminates odors, removes fatty deposits on the floats and optical cells and extends the life of your pumps.


    Septic pumps are often difficult to access - this highly specific formulation has been designed to allow effective treatment without any inconvenience, unlike the equipment for administering liquid formulations, which requires electricity.




    ■ Case of 4


    Biological activator

    Nutribio optimizes the success of biological treatments by giving them an easy start.

    Nutribiorestores the nutrient balance required for increased bacteria activity which is necessary to consume fatty and organic matter.



    ■ Case 4 x 5L

    ■ Drums 30L-60L-210L

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