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We develop and supply efficient biotechnological products for the national and international markets. Our laboratory’s researches enable our company to benefit from an international reputation, recognized for its know-how and its mastering of natural processes. Our range is efficient in several high-technology applications, and always respectful of the environmental constraints. Our know-how has been significantly improved by the acquisition of the AMB company, managed by Ingrid GRUBER, who has been for a long time a high quality reference in the biotechnology domain.


Our range also brings high-performance and cost-efficient solutions, for nuisances in the following domains.

• Treatment and diverse applications of cleaning and maintenance, shown on the website.

• Treatment and maintenance of lakes and lagoons

• Treatment of water and earth, damaged by hydrocarbures.



• We guarantee a good-value service, and regularly offer innovations, insuring a fast growth for companies.

• We develop solutions responding to specific needs.


Well over our range quality, the human value and our worldwide experience, satisfying our customers means being close to them and this, in the whole world. This is our ambition, our philosophy. In order to make you understand the world in which we evolve, in order to serve you and to be attentive to your needs, we invite you to discover our involvement in biotechnology.

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