Cleaning wipes

    Without water - without soap - without residue

    The cleaning wipe is an ultra-modern process, for a fast and easy hand cleaning, in whatever places, without water, without rinsing, without wiping, without drying and without residue. The cleaning wipe has been developed from organic solvents with a high-quality detergent, together with an abrasive wipe (but not scratchy), which ensures a high cleaning power, without any danger for the epidermis. More than against ordinary soiling, The cleaning wipe is also efficient against heavy greases, lubricants, adhesive, oil, tar, sludge, bitumen, fresh paints, inks, wax and many more persistent stains, such as charcoal, graphite and grass spots. The cleaning wipe can be used on smooth surfaces, such as: computers, copying machine, fax machine, white boards, car’s interior, rims, machines.

    Efficient on hands, the cleaning wipe also enables a fast scrubbing of any smooth and non-porous surfaces (tools, mechanic parts, countertop, car body).

    The cleaning wipe benefits from a classification among cosmetic products.



    ■ 90 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case

    ■ 40 wipes per bucket

    ■  6 buckets per case

    ■ 18 wipes per bucket

    ■ 12 buckets per case



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    Nonfood Compounds

    Program Listed (E4)

    (Registration #147279)


    Graffiti cleaning wipes

    Removes paint & graffiti in one easy step. Used for fast, easy clean-up of paint from non-porous surfaces. These amazing wipes are premoistened with an incredible cleaning formula that removes paints (including enamel), ink and even permanent marker. A few swipes with a single wipe quickly dissolves away unwanted paint and graffiti.



    ■ 70 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case

    ■ 30 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case


    Officially approved wipes for cleaning and disinfection

    Active against salmonella and listeria monocytogenes

    Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture,

    Fishing and Food N° 2060201

    Due to its alkaline character, the cleaning wipe is a strong degreasing product to remove fatty animal and vegetal matter. Its exceptional wetting power ensures a maximum cleaning efficiency. It is non-corrosive for most commonly used materials. It does not contain soda or potash. Due to its especially adapted formula without scents it can be used for perfect disinfection of surfaces in contact with food stuff, without any risk of altering the taste of the food stored nearby.



    ■ 72 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case

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    Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture,

    Fishing and Food N° 9600453 (11/10/96)


    Multi-surfaces cleaning wipes

    Compatible with surfaces in contact with Foodstuffs

    The DSAP wipe, the high performance patented cleaning system for all surfaces. With its extra powerful degreasing qualities and totally safe to use, leaves all surfaces clean with no greasy residue. Deep cleaning right to the heart of oil and grease stains. Extremely effective it works without attacking metal surfaces. The cleaning wipe gives a new life to all surfaces : - painted, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, enamel, ceramic, plastics, melamine, fabrics, rugs, carpets, wall hangings in situ.

    The cleaning wipe is recommended for all sanitary installations, sinks, basins, baths, shower cabins, doors and windows.



    ■ 72 wipes per bucket

    ■  6 buckets per case

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    Disinfecting wipes for surfaces

    The disinfecting wipe is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant solution (patented formula) on the one hand and on the other hand a high quality cloth which leaves no trace and no residue. Does not need to be rinsed or wiped down after use.

    The formula of the desinfecting cloth ensures long-lasting disinfection.



    • Bactericide EN 1040 and spectrum 4 NFT 72171. Virucide NFT 72 180 and 14 476

    • Influenza Virus A H1N1. Sporicide NFT 72 231. Fungicide EN 1275.

    NFS 94-402-1 not corrosive for reusable medical and surgical instruments.






    ■ 70 lingettes par pot

    ■ 6 pots par carton

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    Special wipes for toilet seat disinfection

    Use one wipe for the disinfection and deodorization of any smooth and non-porous surfaces, such as toilet seats.The disinfecting wipe ensures a perfect cleaning. Each wipe is premoistened with a potent formula that cleans on contact and evaporates within seconds. Biodegradable and completely flushable - they won’t cause plumbing problems or back-ups.

    Easy to use and quickly efficient



    ■ 160 wipes per bucket

         (16 cm x 15 cm)

    ■ 6 buckets per case

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    Hands disinfecting wipes bactericide

    The bactericide wipe cleans, disinfects and deodorizes hands in few seconds, as well

    as any hard and non-porous surfaces. The bactericide wipe is the first disinfecting cleaner for hands, offices, telephony. The solution moisturized into an alveolus towel enables the bio film penetration, the destruction of the different microbes, germs and bacteria, and their elimination. The bactericide wipe contains Aloes Vera and Vitamin E. It thus avoids skin drying during extended or frequent uses.


    Conform to the norm EN 1276

    EN 1275 VIRUCIDE EN 14476*

    *H1N1 flu



    Hospital - medical practises - veterinary practises - pharmaceutical industry - public function areas - canteens - catering industry - kitchens - agribusiness - supermarkets'food processing facilities - slaughterhouse processing lines - milking rooms - slaughterhouses - stables - pig breeding - dairy industry - all sectors where disinfection is necessary and its standards controlled.



    ■ 130 wipes per bucket

    ■  6 buckets per case

    ■ 70 wipes per bucket

    ■  6 buckets per case

    ■ 25 wipes per bucket

    ■  12 buckets per case

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    Glass and mirror cleaner

    These cleaning wipes are aimed to clean glasses, screens and any smooth surfaces. Multi-stains, they clean and prevent dust, from laying again on glass surfaces.

    Each towel is moisturized with a special formulation, which cleans without leaving any stain, and neutralizes the static electricity.

    This avoids important data to be lost from computers’ hard disks. Moreover, without static electricity, less dust appears on surfaces, thus keeping the furniture cleaner and longer. Furthermore, the cleaning wipes eliminate allergen germs frequently found on equipment, which are manipulated with hands. The wipes help to limit diseases’ development.



    ■ 70 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case

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    Powerful grease removing towels

    MAGIC CLEAN is a towel soaked with a high-concentrated formula used in industrial cleaning and grease removal. The MAGIC CLEAN towel eliminates greases, soilings, oils, inks, ball pens and pencils stains, all pollution or nicotine dirtyings, tires traces and all different stains.

    MAGIC CLEAN has been especially studied to be as efficient on industrial workings as well as on everyday cleaning.

    MAGIC CLEAN can be used on most of washable surfaces such as plastic, stratified, metal, formica, ceramic, porcelain, chrome, enamel, vinyl plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel, cloth, carpeting.

    It is highly recommended to experiment MAGIC CLEAN on painted surfaces and shining plastic before using it regularly



    ■ 72 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case


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    Cleaning and renovator wipes for leather and other synthetic materials

    The cleaning wipe is a developed instantaneously system for cleaning, protection and restoration of leather, synthetic and rubber surfaces, faded and dirty, combining:

    • A high quality cleaning and lubricant formula with a very efficient towel, which deeply cleans, without scratching.



    • A new appearance

    • Longterm efficiency

    • Convenient - hygienic - fast


    The formula will penetrate, clean, polish, restore and protect the surface to be treated.



    ■ 40 lingettes par pot

    ■ Carton de 6 pots

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    Cleans, protects, renovates and polishes

    all metals : tin, copper, bronze, silver, chrome, steel, gold, platinum

    GOLD’N SHINE is a quick, easy and effective way to remove tarnish and oxidation from all metals. This revolutionary product combines a polymer wipe soaked in a formula with a low level of ammonia that can handle all tarnished or oxidised metal or plexiglass surfaces, with neither the waste nor restrictions of cleaning products for traditional metal.

    THE MAGIC EFFECT OF GOLD’N SHINE, the cleaning and polishing cloth for all metals

    • Leaves no deposits

    • An abrasive wipe without the risk of scratching

    • No further need for cloths or paper towels

    • Good value for money

    • Leaves no residue



    ■ 30 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case



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    A high-power cleaning and polishing wipe for wood that prevents dust from resettling

    This revolutionary product combines a high quality wipe with a cleaning product for wood.


    • the fresh smell of lemon

    • resistant to smears and fingerprints

    • removes dust and leaves a long-lasting polish

    • no deposits

    • no residue

    • abrasive wipe without the risk of scratching

    • no further need for cloths or paper towels

    • good value for money

    the wood’n shine cleaning and polishing wipe is a quick, easy and effective way to clean, buff, polish and renew : wooden furniture, cupboards, wood trimming, plinths, vinyl, panelling, planks, formica



    ■ 25 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per case


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    A very efficient cloth

    Soft, supple and resistant. Great absorption capacity 4 to 5 times its weight in water, oil, greases. Very fast absorption. Reusable and washable. 100% usable and constant quality.

    Easy wash (quick elimination of dirt). Can be several times wringed without becoming fluffy.

    Compatible with most of solvents. Does not contain any synthetic binder (bears trichlorethylene).


    • Convenient and cost-effective

    • Easier storage and handling 10 times less voluminous than traditional

       white cloth (0.02m² instead of 0.20m²)

    • Easy to transport. Small cases containing 50 rolls

    • Better management. Monitored distribution, easier stock management

    • Great dimensions. Dimensions 60 x 37 cm

    • Hygienic. No contact with the other cloths (individual packaging).



    ■ Units per case 500 pieces

        (50 rolls x 10 towels)



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    The high quality microfiber cloth

    The microfiber cloth QUICKLY facilitates the cleaning and wiping of several surfaces such as glasses, enamel or stainless steel, and this, thanks to its extra absorbing and antistatic power. It is convenient, cost-efficient and easy to use.



    ■ 100 pieces / case

    ■ (40 cm x 40 cm)



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    TOOCLEAN is a rinsing-and-water free multi-purpose cleaning wipe for a one-time or recurrent maintenance of your car, motorcycle, scooter, go-karting, quad ...


    TOOCLEAN formulation which is contained in a single wipe can take care, clean and give back the bright new brilliance of the bodywork, wheels, paint, plastic interiors, exteriors, fairings, front fairings , windows, windshields, headlights, chrome, the leatherette upholstery and leather of a vehicle in a single operation..



    - Cleans, polishes, protects, stops the impact of time on all surfaces without the risk of scratching or damaging the paint and alter the plastic.

    - Cleans and polishes of surfaces without water, foam or rinsing.

    - Removes impacts and insect traces on the bodywork, fairing, front fairings, windscreens, headlights and plastics.

    - Scrubs, removes the tar, cleans, rims without altering light alloys, varnishes, plastics and paints.

    - Protects the bodywork by leaving an invisible anti-fouling film.

    - Without any liquid polluting emissions (the dirt is trapped in the wipe).

    - Anti-rain and anti-fouling deposits.

    - Anti-tar, anti-bitumen deposits .

    - TOOCLEAN delays fouling.



    Take a wipe out of the box. Double it up and lay it flat on the hand. Move it onto the surface without pressing. When the surface becomes «slippery» you can slightly increase the pressure. Always proceed by small surfaces, without rubbing, describing circle movements. TOOCLEAN traps the particles, while cleaning and applying a film on the surface. Polish with the microfiber cloth provided, making a quick circular motion when wiping without pressing too much. Start your cleaning with the least dirty surfaces and finish with heavily soiled areas.


    H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

    P101 If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.

    P102 Keep out of reach of children.

    P103 Read label before use.

    P264 Wash thoroughly after handling.

    P280 Wear eye protection / face protection.

    P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

    P337+P313 If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.



    ■ 80 wipes per bucket

    ■ 6 buckets per box)


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